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برنامج ذكاء اصطناعي من غوغل يكشف السرطان       تقنية الليزر تثبت أن الديناصورات كانت تطير       يوتيوب تي في.. خدمة جديدة للبث التلفزيوني المباشر       الخارجية الأمريكية تنشر ثم تحذف تهنئة بفوز مخرج إيراني بالأوسكار       الصين تدرس تقديم حوافز مالية عن إنجاب الطفل الثاني       حفل الأوسكار يجذب أقل نسبة مشاهدة أمريكية منذ 2008       تعطل في خدمة أمازون للحوسبة السحابية يؤثر على خدمات الإنترنت       حاكم دبي يقدم وظيفة شاغرة براتب مليون درهم       ترامب يتعهد أمام الكونغرس بالعمل مع الحلفاء للقضاء على داعش       بعد 17 عاما نوكيا تعيد إطلاق هاتفها 3310       لافروف: الوضع الإنساني بالموصل أسوأ مما كان بحلب       فيتو لروسيا والصين يوقف قرارا لفرض عقوبات على الحكومة السورية       بيل غيتس يحذر العالم ويدعوه للاستعداد بوجه الإرهاب البيولوجي       ابنا رئيس أمريكا يزوران دبي لافتتاح ملعب ترامب للغولف       رونالدو وأنجلينا جولي ونانسي عجرم في فيلم يروي قصة عائلة سورية نازحة Celebrates the Doll Maker Mohammad Mohsen

Cairo : A K F. has launched a campaign to commemorate the Egyptian poet Dr. Mohammed Mohsen; one of the most prominent faces of the literature in the seventies and eighties, who enriched the literary library with many of the volumes, who is considered as a sign of modern poetry.

The Supervisor of the site Amani Yassin said that "out of the role of the site, and social responsibility, we have decided to commemorate the poet Dr. Mohammed Mohsen (1953- 2009) for His creative poetic experience, multi- levels culture, creativity and contributions."

She added that "the site will work on documenting the late history of the "puppet-maker "according to the description of the critic Dr. Imad Namir, and to highlight the humanity and the creative experience, and re-deploy its all traditional and modern means, to introduce the new generations to an Egyptian model, and the experience of literary pioneers."

The columnist Amir Kamal Faraj Said that "Mohammed Mohsen is a poetic phenomenon, God's mercy be upon him, he was a unique model of the real poet, many are writing poetry without influenced by poetry values and meanings, but Mohsen has impressed poetry in his conscience, and reflected on his manners. He was a poet in many fields, also a poet in his work, his home, and his relations with humanity. He was honest with himself, he was not impersonating poetry or use a mask to outline, but the poetry was his tool for expression, and change, for revolutionizing, enlightenment, and the life. "

He added that "the poet achieved successfully equation, and initiated by Ibrahim Naji the writer of “Al Atlal” , his poems were a wonderful combination of the prophecy of the poet, knowledge, the experience of the surgeon, and the vision of the cultured, which helped the uniqueness of the experience."

And about his memories with the late poet, Amir Kamal Farag said, "I knew the poet for many years, and the first meeting; he became my closest friend, he was characterized by spontaneity, honesty, and good manners, and I got to know his poems and his dreams and apprehensions, and I discovered that his essence is rare, and the uprising experience of poetry. I, he and the poet Moroccan Mohamed Shohdi were triple closest friends, and our fourth was Sheikh Mohammed Sharaf al-Din the funny Imam. "

Al Amir Kamal Farag explained that "Mohammed Mohsen creative experience must be documented and disseminated on a larger scale, for the benefit of the new generations, so keen to put the first brick; a campaign to revive the memory of the poet, hoping that the opportunity I have to document the story felt this great creator ", in the hope of all lovers of the poet and his followers to cooperate with the site to assemble the poetic heritage, dissemination and analysis.

The Moroccan poet Mohammed Shohdi said: "he will never get back, nor his poetry.. This man alone who was deported and still talking with him the rest of life cannot possibly last. " is a non-profit site launched by columnist Amir Kamal Farag in 2013, the site has launched a number of voluntary campaigns, including the" calligraphy life", “Safe Internet ", " legacy of my grandfather" ," the sweetest Egypt Free", “Nile a matter of life or death"," sun soldiers", “ Black and white", and another campaign to celebrate the anniversary of departed artists such as calligrapher Muhammad Ghozzi, and the artist Mohammed Salima.

Mohammed Mohammed Mohammed Mohsen

(1953 - 2009)


• Born in Kafr El-Sheikh on 02/04/1953.
• joined the village and memorizing the Quran at an early age
• got a high school in 1971
• joined the Faculty of Medicine - Alexandria University and graduated in 1977
• included in the labor hierarchy until Consultant General Surgery.
• passed away on 5/1/2009.
• He has four sons:
- Mohamed Mohamed Mohsen - a doctor - officer Specialist Urology.
- Ahmed Mohammed Mohsen - a police officer.
- Mahmoud Mohammed Mohsen - telecommunications engineer of the armed forces.
- Reem Mohammed Mohsen - Under behalf.

Literary history:

• Member of the Writers' Union.
• Member of the International Association of Islamic literature.
• Member of Arab literature.
• received numerous literary awards from the Ministry of Culture and the Egyptian universities and the National Council for Youth and Sports and the Library of Alexandria.
• Judges Club in Alexandria more than once.
• Medical Association honored her more than once.
• Honored by the Faculty of Medicine - Alexandria University in 2008.
• honored by governor of Kafr el-Sheikh and named after the High School and the street in his hometown.
• honored more than once, Saudi Arabia and most recently honored with the Prince / Mansour Al Saud.
• studying poetry in Arabic faculties.
• More than a PhD and Master for poems and literary works in Egypt and outside Egypt.
• Several collections have been printed, including "emancipation to the restrictions in 1992", “Order of the Phoenix," "my precious lover" , several collections not reprinted yet.
• Most of the poems published in Egyptian and Arab magazines and literary journals.
• passed away in 2009 and left behind a history of literary tradition will remain immortal forever.

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